New billhooks

Morris of Dunsford

Devon pattern billhook £26.00  
Newtown pattern billhook £26.00  
Knighton pattern billhook £28.00  
Spar hook £25.00  
Yorkshire pattern billhook £47.00  
Stick chopper £12.00  


Vintage billhooks


Single edge, tanged

Weighted Llanelli pattern billhook by Whitehouse Bros. of Cannock
Weight 840g.
Elwell billhook
Original handle. Stamped 1941, so probably government issue. Similar to Llanelli pattern. Includes new custom made leather sheath.
Weight 896g.
Elwell no.3901 Tenterden pattern billhook
Original handle and ferrule stamped Elwell. Includes new custom made leather sheath.
Weight 609g.



Double edge, tanged

10" Westmoreland pattern billhook by Cornelius Whitehouse and Sons of Cannock
Weight 865g.
Nice hedgehog mark. The handle looks original, but the ferrule is stamped Elwell.


Single edge, socketed



Double edge, socketed